My name is Lauren Warren and on October 23, 2010 I was blessed to marry Michael Warren.  Though my blog These Little Wings is about my personal journey of faith, this collection of writings in WarrenTree is about my life together with Michael, and our new son, Hosea Jacob, as we grow as a family into the legacy of Christ.  I like to describe these as the stories of our Roots & Fruits.

We are still fairly new in the journey of becoming “The Warrens”  and not only have we grown from the two separate people of  Lauren Geoffrion and Mike Warren, but we have by God’s wondrous, creative, and loving process become three!  Our family’s new member, Hosea, has probably changed our lives more than any other person/event/encounter we’ve experienced. Over the last three and a half years, our lives have grown ever more together and we find ourselves becoming something that feels a lot like a tree with many connecting roots and branches.

May we lift our branches high into the face of the Son and dig our roots deep into His soil, and may we grow and bear fruit–that we may, by God’s grace and help, do our human best to bless the hearts of many.

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