Local Market Day

Pete's 5We  love to go to a little local market here called “Pete’s Fruits & Vegetables”. It was a favorite of ours when we lived on Cherry Street and I’m very thankful we are still not too far away to make the trip here and there–we love and believe in supporting local business and the charm of this place is irreplaceable. It’s especially fulfilling now that Hosea can really experience it with us.

babybugEarlier this week we went on a special outing to Pete’s after reading this month’s edition of  Babybug . My parents gave Hosea a subscription to this little bi-monthly magazine for kids ages 1-3….and it’s stinking ADORABLE!!  The September edition has been a particular joy.

The cover has a picture of “a mama” at the garden “just like Mimi’s garden”, Hosea observes (meaning our community garden that my parents share with us–it’s a favorite summer activity for Hosea. See “For the Love of Veggies”).

On the inside, there are stories about “going to the market” in several different contexts.  Identifying fruits and vegetables, riding in the cart, going to the check-out, etc– it’s all stuff that feels very exciting and familiar to Hosea and I wanted to show him a special and more intimate experience of being in a small family market, with fresh produce, a butcher, friendly and personable grocers, and a fresh garden section outside.

As we walked through the doors we could smell all the fresh produce.  There’s nothing quite like it.  Hosea picked his own little blue basket to carry and put veggies into. As we were wandering the isles talking about what things we saw, the lady working at the counter came over to say hello and asked Hosea if he’d like to pick a little lolly-pop from a big jar behind the counter—does it get any better?  This little 2-yr-old was having a ball. He placed his little blue basket in my cart–now preoccupied with his “special treat”–and proceeded to look into the basket saying,

“We got broccoli, we got peppers, we got carrots, we got apples…and STRAWBERRIES!” as he touched each item.

We walked over to the little meat market that’s attached and watched the butcher weigh our meat and wrap it in paper, and mark our order with his pen.  Hosea wanted to see every step.  We picked some salads from the deli, and the Hosea helped put each item on the counter at the check out.  Pete, himself, came and gathered our bags and brought them to the car for us. This at first disturbed Hosea as he thought “that guy was taking them away!”.  When I explained, he continued to talk about for most of the car ride how, “Mr. Pete helped bring our groceries to mommy’s car”…as well as talking about his lolly pop, of course. 😉

What a wonderful, magical little experience.  Among other things, Hosea helps remind me how wondrous life is…how wondrous even a trip to the market can be.  It is one great joy as parents to share the things you love and believe in with your child; it is another and greater joy when they show you just what believing in and loving something really looks like.


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