For the Love of Veggies


From the garden to the kitchen, my little Hosea is growing in his delight for the beauty and flavors of fresh produce.  

He loves the experience of going to the community garden with Mama and picking ripe cucumbers—or as he calls them, “CooCooCumbers”–and ripe tomatoes and putting them in our little bag to take home. In fact, at least one cucumber regularly doesn’t make it completely out of the garden before this little boy is munching away–his little hands barely making it around the circumference of his prize veggie. Cucumbers have become one of his favorite summer treats, and I love that his experience and understanding of these vegetables is plucking and eating them straight from the garden.

By the time we make it home it’s  pretty common to find a-3/4th’s-eaten remnant that’s made its way into the kitchen.


I feel flooded with the cuteness of it as well as the happiness that my son loves to snack on such a good, fresh, growing thing.

His love is not limited to cucumbers though. Last night we found these glorious multi-colored baby tomatoes at Sprouts Farmer’s Market, and as I picked them up with Hosea in the cart, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh, these are beautiful!! These are so beautiful!”  He wanted to touch them and put them in the cart as usual, but the moment came when we got home and started getting situated for dinner.  Hosea was in his high-chair about to eat what was given to him when he suddenly looked at me and exclaimed,

“Wanna try beautiful tomatoes!” 

“Oh! You’d like to try the beautiful tomatoes?” I ask chuckling, surprised that he too called them beautiful.
“Yes! Yes, peese Mamaaaa!” he says nodding his head emphatically.
And he ate them with pure joy. You’d think I had given him candy! May it always be that the things of God’s creation give him the greatest enjoyment. 

My heart melts at the fact that he’s been calling them “beautiful tomatoes” ever since.  And they are. They most definitely are.



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