Digital Detox


Many people have asked me how my Project Unplug has been going during my last few weeks of “radio silence”.  It has been Good.  Truly Good.

One of my favorite things that has happened thus far is not something I’ve done for the project– but what some others have done for me.  I have been over-joyed to receive a couple letters and postcards from a few dear friends who reached into my world beyond the immediate ease of Facebook. Thank you Lela, Becky, and Dawn–your letters are treasures and finding them in my mailbox made my day!

So what’s been happening over the last few weeks? How has my project been manifesting itself in my life? Why no recent updates? Well….

In order to fully immerse myself in the transition from social media addiction into an unplugged life, I took a few weeks to “detox”.

The timing was serendipitous because our family got hit with a couple of crazy weeks without our usual help from beloved parents/grandparents, getting set up and started with a new job (more on that later), and getting a terrible cold that wiped out all three of us.  I cannot tell you what a relief it was not feeling the pressure to post about all that was happening.  I didn’t feel the need to see the virtual world passing me by while I was a bit stressed and preoccupied. I didn’t have to feel guilty for not conquering life the way so-and-so is. 

I could just be in my days.  In the quiet. In the newness of transition. I could just be sick and focus on taking care of my body and my poor, sweet, sick son and husband (and dog! can you believe it!?).  We just spent time recovering together–holed up in our own little home with the physical, mental, and social rest we needed.

I have found that sometimes the best way to be fully present in community with others is to fully disconnect at times when you need to.  

To fully rest, heal, and rejuvenate so that when you emerge, you emerge whole and filled, and ready to pour out again into others.

This included fully disconnecting from even my one online presence–this blog.  The result has been good and I feel more positive than ever about my decision to embrace and embark upon Project Unplug.  I am DOING THIS, friends! And I am loving it.

Thank you to many of you for words of encouragement and to those of you who have shared your own inspirations about unplugging.  I welcome any of you who want to join in on this project. Let’s find ways to engage in truer community together.

Here’s a couple tangible things I was able to do in the last few weeks of Project Unplug that brought me real joy:

1) Mike and I finished designing our newsletter postcard that we will be sending periodically to family and friends in an effort to personally engage and reach into the lives of those we love and care about.


2) I started my next journal and am off to a great start already filling its pages. Both the closing of a previous journal and the picking out and naming of each new journal are always very sacred events for me.  It seems all too appropriate to begin this new journal in conjunction with the beginning of this life-project.


3) My detox finally cured me of my auto-pilot response of typing in “facebook” into my browser (or clicking on the fb bookmark on our Crome bookmark bar).  I feel free to use my computer for writing and research without the pull toward social media. (Long sigh of relief and freedom)


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