Reflections on Missing the Mommy Village

Some very encouraging words from my dear friend, fellow writer, artist, and mother, Megan Moore. My heart felt re-rooted by her thoughts this morning.

wedding feast


Painting by: Marc Chagall

The Honeyed Haven

I’ve been mulling over the article in Huffington Post entitled, “I Miss the Village.” Several of my friends reposted and commented in agreement. On two things I will agree, most wholeheartedly. It is often lonely to be a mother. And it is good to have good friends.

In the time since I first found out I was expecting Sam, there has been so much to read. How to be pregnant best. How to birth best. How to navigate the newborn months best. How to feed baby best… And I have learned to examine my heart after taking in such readily available information, to check for the bad fruit that is fear, discontent, covetousness. I came away from that article feeling discontent, like everything is not enough. 

I think I get tripped up when I convince myself that God’s will for me is outside what He has provided. Whether…

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2 thoughts on “Reflections on Missing the Mommy Village

    • I miss you too! Your friendship has been such an encouragement in my life over these last (can you believe) 7 almost 8 years!! We started out as blogging friends and now that we live apart we can be blogging friends again. I’m so happy I get to follow your stories.

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