“Being About the Business of the Home”


Does God ever prick your mind, heart, or imagination with a phrase that settles, rotates, and begins to form the liturgy of your life?  

My dear friend Megan and I have talked about this a lot recently, and in times past my dear friend Gisele and I too have shared these whispers.  It seems safe to say that through the years, maybe even more and more clearly, God has used this “still small voice” to lead us in the steps toward Him and the life He has created.

I hear again God’s voice whispering, pushing, teaching, and affirming.  I have heard it’s gentle prodding  leading up to, in the midst, and now in the steps following a huge shift in life that has taken place.   This huge shift I speak of is Mike’s and my decision to become a 1 1/4  income family.

We do this peculiar thing in order to pursue a more wholesome life in which we are more unified in our time and direction.  We seek a godly, peace-filled, spirit-lead household; and our goal is that of using the gifts and strengths with which God has created us to be a part of His Kingdom and hopefully extend its boundaries to those who know not its joys and freedoms.

In the beginning steps of this new, slightly-scary-but-exciting journey one of the first joys that has been surfacing while attended by one of those mentioned phrases has been that of being about the business of the home.  It’s a joy I feel is far too often downplayed or dismissed by us women of today’s culture.  (A subject for a later blog)   Nonetheless, a joy with which my entire being is feeling filled deeply. 

I find it in many ways.  I find it in the going-and-getting of all that nourishes and nurtures within our Home. I find it in the growing of living things–things growing for beauty full of flower and green,  and things growing for food like my tomato, jalapeno, basil, cilantro, rosemary, and mint. I find it in the creation of a meal by using the good gifts of the earth.  I find it in the restoration of all that has fallen to disorganization and neglect in the midst of all our busyness.  I find it in the creating of spaces for both living and being inspired.

Today I paint and create one of those such spaces.   There is a peace in the quiet house, accompanied by soft music.  My dog sleeps and I apply color and watch the light dance with new blues into my tiny bathroom.  I am filled with a deep peace and with a phrase that says….

How good it is, indeed…to be about the business of the Home.  

Peace to each of you my dear friends and family, and I wish to you the joy that comes in living out of the work of your hands and the slow quiet time it takes to allow for it.  May you too have a moment to watch the light dance in new colors wherever you are this Friday.  

Inspiring Tidbit: 

I am reading a couple incredible books right now that encourage and affirm many of these loves and matters of life.  If anyone is looking for new reading material that challenges and stretches our current-day perspectives. I highly recommend these both.  

Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation (Cultural Liturgies)

by: James K.A. Smith






One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

by Ann Voskamp in Books


2 thoughts on ““Being About the Business of the Home”

  1. What beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing – I can completely resonate with this. What great joy I find (and have yet to find!) in so many of the things you mentioned.

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