A Gift from Rigsby – the joy of walking

We recently introduced you to Rigsby, our cute little Boston Terrier.  Cute as he may be (and it’s very good that he is) he is a lot of work.  We knew he would be and it was even partially why we got him. We thought a dog might be a good first step before having kids–to teach us how to care for another life, while making some sacrifices to do so.  Now, though this is only a small taste of what it will be like to be parents, it is none-the-less a taste, and something from which we are already learning a lot.   We find we are working on patience, discipline, getting up early, rearranging our schedules, and overall learning a little more about selflessness.

Aside from these things that are stretching us, he is still an absolute joy. All throughout our friendship and dating relationship, Mike and I shared a love for dogs.  We would take many walks at Washington Park that we affectionately called, “Dog-Walk-Watching”.  We loved looking at all the different dogs walking by, commenting on which ones we liked and didn’t like.  We dreamed for a long time about having a dog of our own.  It was tempting to get one right away once we got married, but we had to wait just a little longer to get one in the summer time.  All this to say, Rigsby has been a long-time desire fulfilled.

Along with the quirky little personality he brings to our family, and his sweet companionship, he has brought us one gift in particular that we have been very thankful for.  Family evening walks.

We live in such a great location in the city. 6th Avenue is within walking distance from our home.  It is a wide boulevard filled with trees, the occasional gardens, benches, and a path running through the midst of it all. This section of Denver  feels like another place altogether.  It’s an environment that we love; one that speaks to our souls, and brings a sense of peace and inspiration to both of us.

Before Rigsby we took our share of walks here, but as life would get busy from time to time, our walks would get forsaken.  Rigsby has given us the gift of taking our periodic pleasure and turning it into a daily blessing.  The walk is a must now, and we are so thankful.

It’s nice to have a time each evening to be outside in creation.  Each season brings with it its different beauty–smells, colors, and sounds. Walking gives us a chance to tangibly connect with our community and surroundings.  It creates the familiarity of home when you know the homes you pass, your favorite little venues, trees, and spots of beauty or curiosity.

It’s a chance for intimacy not only with our environment, but with each other.  When separated from all our electronic devices and the distractions within the house or the car, we find ourselves in reflective conversation about life, relationship, work, and God.

It’s the kind of blessing that we so often forget to afford or prioritize for ourselves, but when we

 experience it we wonder why we ever needed a push out the door.  Our hearts are physically and spiritually happy for this gift.  Thank you sweet Rigsby.


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