Cherries in the Sun

One of the cutest & most random things I have come upon in the last 8 1/2 months of marriage to my beloved Michael was this little arrangement I found on our kitchen counter one lovely, summer, Saturday morning. 

Cherries are so delicious and I was thrilled to see them appear at our grocery store. “Yay! It’s finally cherry season!” I thought.   I grabbed a bag and placed them in the refrigerator when I got home anticipating them as refreshing treat.  Mike however likes his warm and not cool from the fridge.  I found this out one afternoon by seeing this little peculiar spectacle.

I giggled to myself and called upstairs, “Michael?  did you happen to lay out a neat little row of cherries on the counter??”   “Yes!” the reply came with child-like excitement, “I needed to warm them up in the sun”.
“Oh, I see!”  I replied with a certain sort of ticklish joy in my heart. 

I believe there are little things in little moments that show something sweet and unexplainable about someone’s heart and personality.  This was one of those such times for me with Michael.  I felt overwhelmed with the joy of all that is simple and lovely and pure of heart.  To lay the little cherries out in just such a way as to be warmed by the sunny window to me was a picture of the whimsical and tender heart of the man I love more and more with each passing day.

Even more than an endearing moment, I saw something deeper revealed. With such lack of pretense and such capacity for grace, my husband gives to me a picture of the love of my Creator and humble Savior.  Michael took care to prepare for this sweet coming joy with patience and thought.  Simple if you are just thinking of cherries, but I think of how God takes such care for the little details of His creation that each part might bring joy unto Him, unto others, and unto itself. Each little element is so sweet and delightful to Him, and I’m so thankful that we have a God who longs to share His delight.

I think sometimes it’s in the moments in which we are farthest from trying that we show the clearest glimpses of beauty. In the lack of any kind of self-consciousness–when we aren’t contriving it or striving to meet a preconceived ideal–when we are unaware, we are the most true and profound image-bearers.

It’s not only for summer cherries; it’s in this same quiet, thoughtful, patient, and care-giving way that I too receive the love of my husband.  And I ever long to be his delight.


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