Days Like These

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day. We biked over to Cherry Creek for some happy hour enjoyment. We sat outside in the soft warm air and enjoyed one of our favorite foods–sushi.  We walked around, saw some street performers, got some coffee, and rode home.  This was a day to be caught up in the love of things.  Spring. Bikes. Sushi. Each Other.  ……and BIRDS!  We went over to Home Depot and bought a hook, a bird feeder, and some bird seed.  We happily placed it in the little green haven of our front yard.  It is centered in the view of our dining window, and I eagerly look forward to the sweet little birds that will soon be our morning company.

 The evening closes as I am listening to Adele’s rich voice and Mike finishes a most splendid picture of a red bird in a green-blue sky.  The smell of some one’s outdoor fire drifts in through the window and we are closing up shop so that we can snuggle up to some reading before falling asleep.  I feel full of peace and joy on this wonderful evening.  I’m thankful for days like these and I will treasure it away as a blessing from the Giver of Good gifts. 


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